About wynndebagge

A musician, comedian, some would say a medieval minstrel, others a troubadour, some a fool, a clown, others a  Music Hall turn - actually what it amounts to is all about entertainment.  I wear authentic costumes that are appropriate to the shows I do, playing replicas of instruments from the 14th to the 19th century as well as some contemporary instruments as well.  The music performed ranges from mostly European early street and courtly dance tunes through to UK traditional and contemporary music.  A typical wynndebagge solo show would include music on the English Border pipes, the hurdy gurdy, gittern (medieval lute), crumhorns, rauschpfeife and percussion.  For audiences who like their music modern, 5 string banjo and guitar make an occasional appearance.  So from the ancient music of Sumer Is A Cumin In through to the Grateful Dead's Black Muddy River and more recently, Robbie Williams' Let Me Entertain You, most points are covered.  A pretty wide ranging and eclectic mix - but the common thread is in the performance which, so my audiences tell me, is always entertaining, engaging and generally full of surprises.  It's not just the music, songs, dances and the instruments that are the show - it's the stories, histories if you like, that go with them that bring the shows to life, with wonderful little glimpses into the way people have lived their lives through the centuries, all wrapped up in moments of entertaining eccentricity.

The audience feature heavily in making a show work, largely because they get to play an active part.  So whether they are working as the percussion section in the medieval rock'n'roll band, doing the dance, wassailing an apple tree or joining in the banter, they have a part to play, young or old.  Even working solo, you're never alone!  The real fun is making contact with the audience and finding out what they've got to say about what's going on.

"wynndebagge connects with all ages, human and historical"
Matt Holland, Director, Swindon Literature Festival

The New St George Waits
"I can't do this for laughing"
wynndebagge's band, The New St George Waits plus
'brass section' from the crowd at Towersey Village Festival

"What's the use of wearing braces, hats & spats and boots with laces"
wynndebagge leading the audience in a rendition of Woad,
with help from Stanchester Quire and The Baggettes,
Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre 2008